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Our Mission

Our goal when we started Computing Concepts Inc. over 30 years ago remains the same today. CCI was founded to provide the technology infrastructure and resources to help its customers continue to be innovative and grow their businesses. We are guided by this mission every day.  

Our Story

Computing Concepts Inc. (CCI) was incorporated in 1988. Through the years, CCI focused on the development of its six core competencies earning multiple technical certifications, including ISO 9002 along its path to success. Today, CCI is strategically positioned as a premium service provider offering complete end-to-end IT solutions. 


Our dedicated services and practical approach have earned us long-term relationships with our clients including Morgan Stanley, Emerson Electric, Federal Reserve, and New York Times. We are committed to the mission of our clients and continue to innovate to help in the realization of the mission. 

Our People

We believe that intelligence and imagination are driving forces of innovation.

At CCI, we create an environment for intelligence and imagination to cohabit. We recruit and develop talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Our teams are designed to bring the technical expertise and the values that ensures accountability in order to consistently deliver exceptional results for clients. We believe in people and technology, and that’s what differentiates us from others.

Our Values

Experienced Team

Customer First

Customers first, everything else will follow” – By putting customers ahead, CCI makes sure end goals are achieved and growth is amplified.


Team Work

Collaboration turns ideas into results” – CCI's team of rooted thinkers and problem solvers believe in constant collaboration to drive actionable outcomes.


What is now proven was once only imagined” – Our experts breaks the barriers of innovation with a data-driven approach to enable your business excelling.

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